Giedrė Bulotienė

Gydytoja psichiatrė-jungiškosios krypties analitikė

Jungian analysis is a method of depth psychotherapy developed by the Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung.

“If the doctor wants to guide another, or even accompany him a step of the way, he must feel with that person’s psyche. He never feels it when he passes judgment. Whether he puts his judgments into words, or keeps them to himself, makes not the slightest difference. To take the opposite position, and to agree with the patient offhand, is also of no use, but estranges him as much as condemnation. Feeling comes only through unprejudiced objectivity. This sounds almost like a scientific precept, and it could be confused with a purely intellectual, abstract attitude of mind. But what I mean is something quite different. It is a human quality—a kind of deep respect for the facts, for the man who suffers from them, and for the riddle of such a man’s life”

(C. G. Jung. Psychology and religion: West and East. In: The Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Vol. 11, p. 338).

My education and professional experience:

·         Since 2015 - The Supervisor of psychiatry residents, Lecturer, Clinic of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University

·         Since 2013 -  Jungian analyst in private practice

·         2013 –Jungian analyst, Individual member of the IAAP

·         2007 – Ph. D., Vilnius University

·         Since 2000 – Psychiatrist psychotherapist, National Cancer Institute

·         1990-2000 – Psychiatrist psychotherapist, Vilnius Clinical Psychotherapeutic Centre

·         1987-1990 – Psychiatrist, Vilnius Centre of  Skin Diseases

·         1986-1987 – Internship in psychiatry, Vilnius    Psychiatric Hospital

·         1986 – M.D., Vilnius University, School  of Medicine 


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